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Reiki for Vets
Written by Kathleen Prasad
As a Veterinarian, even a holistic one, it can be a challenge to educate your clients about Reiki and get them to open up to its possible benefits (Click here to read the entire article and connect with her free 1-hour audio course, "Introduction to Animal Reiki for Vets").

In addition, here are a few more ideas about how to go about incorporating Reiki as a holistic modality at your clinic:
  • Bring in an Animal Reiki Teacher to teach Reiki to you and your staff.
  • Email Kathleen Prasad for a teacher in your area.
    *Note: if you cannot find an Animal Reiki Teacher in your area, you can also train in "Human Reiki" and then take Kathleen's Core Curriculum course which covers all the fundamentals of working with animals.
  • Since Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions or prescribe medical treatments, you can also bring in an outside Animal Reiki Practitioner to work in partnership with you and to support the "healing program" at your clinic--either in-house, or in clients' homes. See the Practitioner Directory page for Animal Reiki specialists in your area.
  • Please Click here to connect with free audio clips on the topic of bringing Reiki into veterinary clinics.

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Disclaimer: Eden Koljord is not a veterinarian. She does not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery. In addition, a session with Eden Koljord is not an alternative or substitute for licensed veterinary or medical care, proper nutrition, training, or healthy exercise.
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