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Over 60 special friends of nature share their timely advice and heart-tickling wisdom in the delightful "Advice from Nature" line.  All stationery products are printed on recycled and 100% replanted paper. 
The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) has a directory of holistic veterinarians that practice Reiki and other alternative therapies.
Animal Natural Health Center Education Programs Animal Natural Health Center Education Programs main mission is to offer training and information for veterinarians and others interested in true healing for animals.
Animal Natural Health Center was founded by Richard Pitcairn, DVM & PhD, in 1986 as a clinical and teaching center in Eugene, Oregon for the understanding and use of homeopathic medicine in the treatment of disease. The use of excellent nutrition using home-prepared & raw foods was also emphasized. In 2002, Dr. Pitcairn retired from practice, and eventually moved to Sedona, Arizona. In Sedona, the ANHC Education Programs, dedicated to teaching and writing, was established.
Kathleen Prasad is the Founder and Director of Animal Reiki Source and the President of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). Kathleen is an Animal Reiki Teacher and she focuses her work upon Education in Energy Healing for Animals.
Animal Spirit Network offers a wide range of animal healing courses that provide the skills and knowledge needed to help the animals in your life. Not only will their courses help deepen your relationship with animals, but will also build your knowledge of and develop practical skills in holistic animal care and the intuitive healing arts.
Have you ever wondered if you could communicate with animals? Is there a way to understand what your dog, cat, horse, and even wild animals are thinking and feeling? You can tap into the universal language of all species through telepathic communication with animals. Learn how through the publications and courses of founding pioneer Animal Communication Specialist, Penelope Smith.
A holistic animal health care and teaching foundation dedicated to the care and well-being of senior, disabled and terminally ill animals. Founded in 1990 by Richard and Gail Pope, BrightHaven has for almost two decades offered loving sanctuary to hundreds of elderly and infirm cats, as well as dogs, horses, goats, a pig and various fowl. BrightHaven provides an individual balance of love, natural diet, holistic health care and a natural lifestyle.
Kathy Kawalec is the founder of Dancing Hearts. She loves helping people connect to their dogs, to their hearts, and to their dreams…using fun and effective methods that bring together passion, clarity and purpose. If you want to create a joyful and successful life without losing your integrity, visit Kathy's website.
Elizabeth Lord is an avid photographer with an eye for capturing the natural world and all the people and animals that live within it. She has been drawn to this as long as she can remember. Her photography blog ( is devoted to sharing the pictures and stories of her everyday life, her life with horses, cats, dogs and friends - along with pages about her business as a Professional Home Organizer.
The body's energies are the key to health, vitality, and well-being. Energy medicine is the art and science of working with and teaching people to work with these energies to empower them to live happier, healthier lives. Long recognized by Eastern cultures, subtle energy fields are only recently being detected, studied, and utilized by Western medicine. Energy medicine is transforming health care, as well as having an impact on education, business, sports, and all other endeavors involving human performance. The Energy Medicine Institute is a 501©3 non-profit corporation that advances energy medicine.
Cats are cats! Big or little, a cat is a carnivore adapted to a raw meat diet. Not grains. Not vegetables. Your cat's diet should make her thrive, not just survive. Join us in changing how people think of the term "cat food." Membership is free. Ditch the dry!
Formed in 1994, the Horse Protection League is a 501©3 non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in the greater Rocky Mountain Region. Located near Arvada and Golden, HPL is supported and run entirely by volunteer members who love and cherish the horse.
Founded in 1988, the House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits and educating the public about rabbit care. They are headquartered in Richmond, California and have over 120 licensed educators and fosterers and 30 local chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. To date, they have rescued and found adoptive homes for over 25,200 rabbits.
IAATH is an alliance of professional healers, therapists, concerned companies and individuals dedicated to assisting in the maintenance, balance and enhancement of the body, mind and spirit of all animals. IAATH is a project of Congressional District Programs Inc., a registered 501©3 public charity and your contributions are tax deductible.
This program is located within the Prayer and Care Center at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, CO. The center is open seven days a week with day and evening appointments for private individual and couple counseling with a practitioner.
The International Animal Ministry program offers:
  • Prayer support for animals and guardians
  • Support for making end of life decisions
  • General resources for animal challenges and emergencies
  • Animal Care Affair and Pet Blessing
IARP®, the International Association of Reiki Professionals®, is the professional association of the global Reiki community, working to promote wide reaching healing effects throughout the world and to provide members and subscribers with great benefits and tools to enhance and expand their practices, whether professional or personal.
The Leaping Bunny Program provides the best assurance that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers.
NAET is a diagnostic and treatment technique based on the principles of Chinese Medicine and developed primarily for humans. It has altered the lives of many people for the last 15 years through the work of Dr. Nambudripad and over two-thousand trained practitioners around the world.
Evaluation and treatment consists of simple muscle response testing of various substances to determine the existence and extent of allergic sensitivities. Veterinarians have extended the use of NAET to a highly-effective application for animal companions.
Dr. Patty Luckenbach is an ordained pastoral care minister, teacher, and psychotherapist. Her specialty areas include grief support services, psychospiritual growth, and journal writing as a therapeutic adjunct. Dr. Patty’s greatest joy comes from facilitating others in stepping through the portals of life’s changes. Dr. Patty  has been gifted with being a part of the Lakota Sioux community. A Sun Dancer for many years, she displays and lives from the place of a shaman’s soul.
This is an energy medicine, energy psychology, energy sociology, and energy ecology healing arts meta-system that innovatively serves the body, mind, spirit, emotional, social, and environmental needs from the physical to the metaphysical with joy.
In May 2008, SARA was founded by Kathleen Prasad (Animal Reiki Source), and Leah D'Ambrosio to support the growing number of Reiki Practitioners who wish to establish programs in their local shelters. SARA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supporting ethical, professional animal Reiki treatment and training programs in shelters and sanctuaries all over the world.
Dedicated to the preservation of wild horses on our public lands, and the protection of Cloud's herd in the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana. The non-profit Cloud Foundation is dedicated to preventing the extinction of Cloud's herd through education, media events and programming, and public involvement. The Foundation is also determined to protect other wild horse herds on public lands, especially isolated herds with unique characteristics and historical significance.

Due to the mental health benefits of pet adoption, The Recovery Village continues to spread the word and encourage more people to adopt! They've written a comprehensive resource related to pet adoption on their website. Here are some interesting facts: 

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute reports that:
  • 74 percent of pet owners said having a pet improved their mental health
  • 75 percent of pet owners reported a friend’s or family member’s mental health has improved from pet ownership
  • 83 percent of baby boomers and 82 percent of greatest (aka silent) generation individuals reported more personal experience with mental health improvements from pets than millennials (62 percent) and generation X (72 percent)

A series of 12 articles that discuss the benefits of adopting an animal companion; the myths often associated with adoption; what a person should consider before adopting and during the adoption process; and tips for taking care of the newly adopted animal companion. A recent poll of 200 rescues and shelters created the best possible content for these articles, because they were written based on the experience of over 200 professionals in the field of pet adoption.

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Disclaimer: Eden Koljord is not a veterinarian. She does not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery. In addition, a session with Eden Koljord is not an alternative or substitute for licensed veterinary or medical care, proper nutrition, training, or healthy exercise.
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