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The Horse Protection League

Formed in 1994, the Horse Protection League (HPL) is a 501©3 non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in the greater Rocky Mountain Region. Located near Arvada and Golden, the HPL is supported and run entirely by volunteer members who love and cherish the horse. Meet the HPL horses in need of a "forever home."
As a Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) teacher, I have trained HPL volunteers in Animal Reiki with an emphasis in Equine Reiki Training. From the teachings of Kathleen Prasad (founding pioneer in the field of Animal Reiki), she writes, "When we begin to look at the animal for who he really is, he too will see us for who we really are, and the relationship can deepen. And, in that deepening trust between species, the healing of the heart begins. This is where it all starts for the rescued animal - with the healing of the heart."

Reiki is a meditative system of spiritual practice created by Mikao Usui in early 20th century Japan. The system of Reiki utilizes several elements that nurture balance as a whole for the animal companion on all levels:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Kathleen Prasad has eloquently written, "In a sick animal, the illness would be considered, energetically, to be an imbalance of some kind. By setting one's intention and then sitting in a meditative Reiki space, the practitioner simply creates a possibility of "rebalancing" that the animal either chooses or does not choose to take part in."

Kathleen Prasad emphasizes, "The animals will sense our pure intention to help them, as well as the energy we offer; it is amazing to see the animals come and ask for a treatment! It is a profound lesson in the intuitive depth of the animals, their energetic wisdom and the connection of all things at their very essence."

In Loving Memory
(Mr. Willie)

Mr. Willie had been affiliated with Westernaires - an  equestrian youth organization in Jefferson County, Colorado for ages 9 to 19, which maintains several drill teams based upon level and expertise of riding. As he enjoyed his retirement at the HPL ranch, he was a beloved companion to many horses and volunteers. "Sweet William," we thank you for your service to all of us!   

In Loving Memory
(Miss Patches)
Miss Patches was a spiritual mirror in my life reflecting that my playing small does not serve me. Rather than allowing my True Self and Truth to shine forth, playing small means that I allow external conditions to influence me. This, in turn, impacts my ability to be in full service with my Divine gifts. Patrick Harbula writes, “The statement that “we are one soul” is more valid than the statement that “we have a soul.” Thank you, Miss Patches, from my soul to yours!
In Loving Memory
(Mr. Buddy)
A lone White Dove was present the day of Mr. Buddy's transition back into Spirit. Doves are a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian iconography, and for Christians the Holy Spirit represents “the Spirit of Jesus” (Acts 16:7) and the “Spirit of our God” (I Corinthians 6:11). Mr. Buddy, thank you for your sweet soul as a beloved resident of HPL.
In Loving Memory
(Mr. Badger)
While driving home after Mr. Badger's transition back into Spirit, a gorgeous turkey vulture communicated all walk, stand and perch firmly and with dignity, a kind of unspoken confidence in themselves, regardless of their appearance. This message fits Badger perfectly. Revered by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Native Americans, this bird as a totem speaks of a time when you will be noticed more for what you do than for how you appear. 
In Loving Memory
(Mr. Stormy)
My friend, Stormy, was a lovely soul. A lone White Dove (i.e. a symbol of the Great Spirit) presented itself during his transition back into Spirit.
In Loving Memory
(Miss Eve)
My friend, Eve, changed my heart. The wisdom of the animals has a profound impact upon a human soul's journey. I was honored to be present for her transition back into Spirit and the Divine events that graced us.
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