Inspiring Radiant Partnerships - between animals & human companions
Since 2004, I have had the opportunity to conduct many sessions for clients. There are three sections featuring:
  • Testimonials for Instructors
  • Testimonials for Animals
  • Testimonials for People
Check back often. There are many more to follow!
Testimonials for Instructors:
"Eden, it has been such a pleasure to work with you, and to help you capture the essence of what you offer to your clients. Your compassion, intuition and love for people and their animals flows from your heart in such an inspiring way. Thank you for sharing your special gifts with the is my honor and my pleasure to have you as a colleague, and I am looking forward to connecting with you for years to come!"
Kathy Kawalec
"I have found Eden to be thorough, professional, warm, and insightful with her communications and connections. Her inspired path of support for animals and their people will be a blessing for clients who engage her services."
Carol Schultz
& Education® Network
"This is a reference letter to confirm that Eden Koljord is an excellent energy medicine and energy psychology practitioner who has trained with me both in the classroom and in the field with animals. In addition, she has taken her own initiative and time to become the best practitioner she can be and pursued advanced training with me whenever possible. Eden is great with animals, and she takes her work and clients quite seriously, which is an admirable quality in Eden and her work. Moreover, Eden has worked with my own dog companion, and both my dog and I were quite impressed with her work and her care. Any animal would be blessed to work with Eden."
Much aloha,
Dr. Sierra Levy
Kihei, HI
Testimonials for Animals:
"I was amazed how my dogs reacted to Eden. They were so calm like I have never seen before especially for someone new visiting. She definitely had a connection with both my dogs.  You could tell Sadie was listening to her, and she definitely had an energy shift. I would highly recommend Eden having a visit with your dogs, and I am going to have her back for another chat soon."
Liz Bohlke
Flagstaff, AZ
"I would like to tell you about my experience with Eden and animal communication. First, I have to admit that I struggle with skepticism, having lived my entire life in the scientific and medical realm. I am open to alternate realities, but I always evaluate where on the scale of “real deal” or authentic to scam artist, even fraudulent, the healer is. I have worked with a number of alternative healers. Eden is one of the very few that I would deem completely authentic, credible, and honest. 
Everything Eden said “clicked” or fit with my own perceptions and intuition about the questions that I had about Lucy, such as how to alleviate her separation anxiety and her finicky eating. For example, often the only way she would eat would be for me to hand feed her. Even then, sometimes, she wouldn’t eat. I thought she simply didn’t enjoy eating. Eden “saw” her eating in a specific spot, out of a specific feeding dish, and a specific food. I had expensive, high quality canned dog food that I threw in the garbage in favor of what Lucy showed her. She ate every bite, out of her bowl, no hand feeding! And she ate with enthusiasm, as Eden told me “she likes to eat, but she kind of wrinkles up her nose when she thinks about eating the canned and dry food that she is currently being fed.”
I have a peace of mind with Lucy now that I haven’t had since I adopted her four months ago. I truly believe that Eden connected with her and that Lucy and I, through Eden, were able to communicate and connect deeply. Eden told me “you can learn to do this, yourself. You can communicate with your pets.” She gave me information on a workshop with Penelope Smith. So, with Eden, yes, she will do a reading on your animal companion, but she will also help you communicate and connect on a deeper level and in your daily lives together. I am deeply grateful to Eden and Spirit who brought us together."
Susan Rieck, PhD, RN
Assist. Dean of the School of Nursing, Northern Arizona University (retired)
Flagstaff, AZ
"Without any reservations I highly recommend Eden, if you want to understand your horse better, she is amazing."
J.D. Protiva
Flagstaff, AZ
"Eden is an intuitive and skilled communicator. Her conversation with my wonderful cat, Toby, provided more insight than I could have ever imagined, rising to a spirit level. Toby responded to Eden’s loving Reiki touch with intense purring and deep relaxation. On a practical note, Eden’s discussion of a destructive behavior with Toby led to the elimination of that problem. Thank you Eden, for sharing your amazing talent."
"Eden conducted two distance healing sessions with our dog Sadie and I noticed an immediate difference following her first session. Prior to that first session, Sadie whined. Following that first session, she stopped whining. The change was remarkable and much appreciated! I also attribute Sadie's understanding of "cooperation" and "being a good neighbor" to her sessions with Eden. When I use the word cooperate, you can see the wheels turning and I know she understands what I'm saying. Sadie demonstrated how to be a good neighbor to a mother deer who chose our neighborhood to raise her two babies in the weeks following their birth. We told Sadie she needed to be a good neighbor, and we asked her to watch out for the babies and not scare them by barking. She responded by quietly lying on the deck or in the grass watching them, no barking. When mom and/or the babies were in the grass next to our split rail fence, Sadie quietly watched and again, she did not bark. It was inspiring to watch as she frequently barks at the squirrels, birds, and cats that encroach on our yard. The quality of our relationship with Sadie has improved since her distance healing sessions. I would highly recommend Eden to anyone who needs guidance with their pet. She is genuinely concerned for both you and your pet and her guidance is done with care and concern."
Peggy, RN
Colorado Springs, CO
"I contacted Eden because in the course of a year, my family had acquired several companion animals, and I wanted to make sure that everyone was content being at our home. Even though I had minimal questions to ask, I received much information from the session. Eden communicated with all of our companions, and I am assured that two dogs, six birds, a cat, two hamsters and a fish can live harmoniously with each other in our home. I have a better understanding of how to speak to each one in a manner that each finds valuable and meaningful to that particular soul.
An example of how Eden's visit made an immediate difference: Our Nanday conure was due to have his nails trimmed, and was nippy and biting everyone but one family member. After Eden's visit, he has been less nippy and when we went to get his nails trimmed, the vet and assistant were astonished with how good he was cooperating with the procedure!"
Keri Kramer
La Crosse, WI
“I had Eden conduct a Reiki session with my big gelding, Chesty, and found it to be a very beneficial session. Chesty is a horse that tenses up anytime anyone would go near him unless he really knows you. Eden’s own energy seemed to have a soothing effect on him and as she continued to perform the Reiki on him, he seemed to settle even more. These days Chesty is a much more relaxed horse and I attribute this to the Reiki sessions Eden conducted with him.” 
Barb H.
Rhinelander, WI
"Sassy is an intelligent, spirited, and somewhat neurotic dog who can read people very well. The very first encounter Eden had with Sassy she immediately put her at ease and a very special bond was formed. Sassy is definitely MY dog and very attached to me.  “Mama Eden”, as she became known, was the only person I would even think of leaving Sassy with. Eden’s ability to connect with animals and understand them is uncanny. Several times Eden performed energy work on Sassy and immediately she would respond and become calm and relaxed. I know this is why Sassy became so attached to her. When Eden moved out of the area to advance her career, Sassy was visibly upset. I know she misses her dearly. I would highly recommend Eden for all types of energy work. Her intuition, skills, and healing abilities exceed any I have encountered and she is obviously very gifted in all aspects of the healing arts."
Rose Wich
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Testimonials for People:
"In the summer of 2010, I lost my very dear cat Kensington. It was a devastating period in my life to lose a pet who had been my partner in life for eight years and then was suddenly taken away. I learned of Eden's
healing powers for humans through her website. She was able to come into my life at the time I needed someone the most. Eden took the time to help me connect spiritually with my cat. I was unaware of how truly connected our spirits are with those around us. Through her guidance, encouragement and
instruction I found the will to heal. I feel blessed to have found Eden and been touched by her kindness and generosity."

Molli Funk
"At a time that we were experiencing deep sorrow and guilt over the loss of our pet, Eden stepped into our lives offering compassion, hope and wisdom. Her emotional support and resources  comforted us  in our journey of grief. Thank you, Eden, for the kindness which is such a part of you."
"Eden Koljord is a remarkable healer who taught me about animal energetics that I have been able to use with my own pets, very successfully on several occasions. I've also been fortunate to have Eden work with me. She was able to unlock a hidden truth that I had long ago blocked and yet held remnants of the pain deep inside. Eden helped me to integrate my loss, and thus experience equal amounts of joy and self love. Eden is a very talented Resonance Therapist, whom I trust and would highly recommend."
Joan I. Hedges, N.D. 
McMinnville, OR    
"I had several Resonance Therapy sessions with Eden earlier this year (2010). Although unfamiliar with this modality, I was willing to address a physical issue and an emotional concern with Eden and this approach. A painful neck/shoulder/upper arm, which I thought was a returned pinched nerve and had endured for over a month, subsided within days of our session. It was absent (and forgotten!) in less than two weeks.
My emotional concern had an even more immediate improvement. Under Eden's careful and compassionate guidance into and through Resonance Therapy techniques, I experienced a gentle "ahhh" understanding of this emotional tension and felt it crumble. 
What I also know is that when my neck/shoulder/upper arm pain flared last month, I imagined having another session with Eden, lying on her table and being guided through Resonance Therapy. Within days, my pain was again gone and forgotten.
It is unimportant to me to intellectualize Resonance Therapy, to dissect it, to understand why it produces results. I simply know that Resonance Therapy, as practiced by Eden who understands its nuts and bolts, has effectively and efficiently assisted me in improving the quality of my physical and emotional life."
"You are such a kind and compassionate person. I felt comfortable being around you the moment we met. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for not only relaying the messages I needed to hear, but for taking the time to guide me to develop my own way of receiving those messages. Thank you for giving me the gift of knowing that I am loved and to trust my own intuition. Thank you for so kindly conveying that although I, as others, have gifts also, it is OK to not have the desire to work in the healing field. It's OK to be at the level I am at. I cannot put into words all that you have given just let me thank you for sharing your gifts with others."
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Disclaimer: Eden Koljord is not a veterinarian. She does not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery. In addition, a session with Eden Koljord is not an alternative or substitute for licensed veterinary or medical care, proper nutrition, training, or healthy exercise.
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